Position: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Instrumentation)

Location: India/USA

Primary Qualifications: Must have 3 Year AME degree from DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) accredited College. Preference is given to candidates who passed AME Instrumentation (IS) licensing exam conducted by DGCA.

Additional Qualifications: Good verbal and written communications skills in English are required. Candidate must have minimum 2 years hands on working experience with aviation instruments. Candidates with fine touch (ability to handle complex delicate instruments) will be given preference. Experienced watch/clock repair men with a technical degree are also considered.

Travel Requirements: The candidate is required to get additional training in USA at company head quarters; as such travel to USA for an extended period is required.

Company Information: Position is at Legacy Tech, India. Legacy Tech (the company) is an engineering and MRO subsidiary of Legacy Aircraft Instruments Inc, San Francisco, USA. Legacy Aircraft Instruments Inc. is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instrument repair station.

Compensation: Depends on experience and skills. Compensation will meet or exceed current market conditions.


Email: jobs@legacyinstruments.com
Fax: 001 415-738-7934


All candidates are required to submit CV with a cover letter describing work experience, educational back ground, aspirations etc. Please provide photo copies of certificates, licenses, and three verifiable references (from work, college, and a non relative contact). Candidate must be available for phone screening.